Sep 272018
20 Thing You Can Do That Don’t Cost Money

We all go through points in our lives where money is tight, and times are hard. It’s like the invisible elephant in the room that we’d all want to tackle, but just don’t know how to.

But one thing can be for certain, everyone, at least once in their life goes through with being broke.  It’s one thing that’ll make you think that twice about every activity you put your mind into. And with price tags on everything, fun too, can come at a price.

But it needn’t be always.

If you wish to make things happen, be it indoors or outdoors, there are plenty of ideas that can be improvised to help our burning pockets from burning a lot faster.

So let’s check out these awesome 20 ideas that don’t break the bank!

1. Read

I know, cliché. But reading doesn’t cost a single penny anymore. You could easily download books online or rent them from the library on weekly basis. This ensures that you’re not an idle worker but also making use of time wisely.

But if a book isn’t helping out, read local publications and newspapers. You could come across events happening in town, from concerts to lectures or even food festivals. You might find something that is free as well. And they may not be your first option. But try to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Maybe you’d love it.

2. Organize potluck dinners

Spending time with friends are a great way to pass time without spending a lot of money. Hosting a potluck dinner will ensure a variety of food that’s available. And if you aren’t a fabulous cook, it’ll teach you a trick or two in the kitchen.

3. Movie Nights

This is one of my favorite ways of passing time. Every time we’d go broke in college and couldn’t afford even a movie ticket, we’d organize a movie night. We would vote for a movie to watch, get ourselves popcorn and blankets and watch them together. It wasn’t just saving our pockets but would also give us an opportunity to hold some really good discussions later on.

4. Go to the park

A lot of us keep this aside because we think picnics cost money. Well, they do. But if you learn to improvise and make use of resources available, a picnic would be a splendid idea to spend with loved ones when broke.

5. Volunteer

Volunteering is a very rewarding experience that we have to go through atleast once in our lives. Enroll yourself to help at a Senior Citizen Centre or YMCA. Spend a day with everyone and watch them teach you the art of encouragement.

6. Explore

When in doubt, explore. Head out to the part of the city you’d love to visit and walk around. Maybe you’ll run into a free event or some really captivating wall art exhibition.

7. Exercise

We all know how important exercising is, but only a few do it consistently. Take time out to spend in exercising. You needn’t go to a fancy gym. All you can do is run around your block or head to the beach. Play some music and put your heart into it. It’ll benefit you mentally as well as physically.

8. Learn a board game

6 years back, I didn’t know how to play Chess, and honestly, I still don’t know all the tricks. But I spent 30 minutes playing Chess with my brother and learnt what I had to. So now everytime we meet, we challenge each other to a game. I don’t win, but atleast it helps to engage in an activity as well as have a fun conversation with my brother.

9. Start a club

Yes, you read it right. Start something you and your friends like. Be it a book or a cooking club, do it. Use ingredients that you find in each other’s kitchen and create something new. Find out recipes in pinterest or youtube and surprise each other with something yummy.

10. Join a free class

Join a free yoga class or salsa class that are held at parks or at different cafes. Learn something new or meet someone new.

11. Indulge in art

If you’re into painting or writing, spend time doing that. Pick up your old paints and paint a piece. And after you’re done, frame it. (Don’t forget to sign, let people know you did it.)

12. Create your own Spa Day

Arrange a glamorus spa day with ingredients found at your home. Give your self a nice mani-pedi. Make scrubs and masks and exfoliate using natural products. You could also try out new hairstyles and whip out mimosas and enjoy.

13. DIY

A Do-It-Yourself project is an amazing way to giving your space a very rejuvenating look. It keeps your place looking fresh and new every time you try something different.

14. Play some games

All work and no play makes everyone a dull individual. So invest atleast 30 minutes playing a game. You could also play alone or with friends, where ever they may be and battle together.

15. Learn a language

There are many apps and websites that help you learn a new language instantly. Choose any of the languages you may like and learn something new. Next time you’re trying to impress someone you could use these new words and woo them right away!

16. Arrange your home

Depsite giving yourself a DIY project, use time to rearrange your home differently. Clean out what you don’t require and organize furnitures. This way you’ll love the new look in your own home.

17. Go biking

Get out your bikes and go for a ride. Be it for 10 minutes, the feeling is soul-stirring. Go around the place and see the town through a new perspective.

18. Get on sewing

We all have tons of clothes that need to be sewed up. But never find the right time for them. So, don’t depend on your tailor if it’s something easily. Take out your sewing equipments and learn how to sew. You could also try some artwork on your old jeans and showcase them out.

19. Create a hand-made gift

Go on to pinterest and you’ll come across a list of things to make. Be it a travel kit or chocolate basket, make something new for your friends or partner.

20. Spend time with family

The reason I left this for last, is because when everything else fails, this option becomes our savior.

Spending time with family is a wonderful experience especially if you plan on doing things together. Make meals together, spend time playing games or talking. This is well enough to make you get over the feeling of being broke.

I hope these simple tricks will help you feel good without spending money. So try them one by one and let me know which one works best for you.

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