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30 things to do before you’re 30

Turning 30 seems like one of life’s biggest milestone to reach. And a lot of us plan to do something exciting before we hit that 30-something road. I remember being 18, moving to a new city and wishing to try out different kind of adventures, food and what not. Everything seemed so possible to do, and I would say to myself, “what’s the rush?”. Fast-forwarding three years later, I wish I had tried harder.

We spend our twenties shaping our future and figuring out what we need to do to be independent and successful and then thirties come and then thirties seem difficult because by then you’re already set in your ways.

When my husband turned 28 last year, I remember the self-realization that dawned upon him of what he has and hasn’t achieved, and it was frightening coming from him. We all have sets of broken opportunities, regretted moments, and real-life fears that we wished we could face and make it alright.

Things might have been different. Maybe.

So, we’ve formulated a list of 30 things that may seem crazy but worth every moment.

1. Travel somewhere new where you don’t know the language

I love traveling but it can be terrifying going to a place you don’t know the language of. It’s frightening but the experience is in its rawest form. Suddenly the force of trying something new would dawn creating a fabulous experience ever.

2. Work smarter

Make use your twenties wisely. Work hard and smart. Use your strength to face challenges and master the skills you need to stand out of the crowd. Gain experience through internships and volunteering.

3. Date someone who isn’t your type

Dating someone who is the polar opposite to you is exhilarating. It’s also a wild chapter to your twenties story. You learn something new every day and it can either be a pain or you’d just embrace every bit of it. Maybe you’d learn something about yourself and move on or find your spouse.

4. Splurge

Before you enter your thirties, gift yourself something expensive for once, at least. You deserve every bit of it. The money you earn will keep coming and going, so don’t box up your desires.

I remember a few days before Christmas, Joel and I were at the mall and we happened to stop by Mont Blanc. I  knew that he’d been thinking of changing his wallet but never found a trifold wallet neither the time for it. But on that day, something was different. We walked into the store and the trifold wallet that Joel wanted was in stock. He splurged and it was for himself. And it felt GOOD.

5. Learn to be organized

As exciting it is to know where everything is kept under a pile of mess, it’s even more exciting to sort things out not only in your room but also in your life. You don’t need to have it all figured out but have a plan or two. Be prepared for the worst and for the best. Do everything you can to make yourself be a better human and work on it. It’ll not only save you a couple of bucks but also reduce your stress levels.

6. Pay attention to your mental health

Adulting can be super hard at times, and your mental health is no joke. In the midst of work and balancing it out with your life, things can get bumpy. So, enroll for therapy if you need to or use a medium to vent out because if stress isn’t handled wisely, can hamper with your life, and it can get ugly and I bet you don’t want that.

7. Read your way through

Invest your time in reading. Set a reading goal and read about everything. It will make you sound smarter at a conversation and could probably land you an interesting date.

8. Stop holding grudges

We spend a lot of our adult years holding grudges against people who have wronged us. But that’s not going to let you grow as an individual. So, live and let live.

9. Eat while you can

Binge eat that ice cream you bought. Or make a bucket of popcorn and watch a movie. Walk around and eat something you desire. Go to an expensive restaurant and order a fancy meal and just enjoy.

10. Buy some stocks

Investing is scary. But try it once, it is truly an exhilarating experience. You could either learn to double your finance or lose it. But either way, it’ll teach you the skill of the market. Remember: No risk, no reward.

11. Invest some finances

Apart from having liquid cash in the bank, learn to save some funds for the future. It’ll make sure you’re never really broke, ever!

12. Get out of social media

As much as we love to check our Instagram and the number of likes we’ve received, get out of it. Live the real life and travel. Eat and dance in the sunshine while you can.

13. Know your politics

I love watching the news. Sometimes I don’t get it, but most of the time I know I’m not following the fad. So, know what you support and support it for the right reasons. Its good knowing you made a difference.

14. Be a culinary artist

Cooking is an art. But while getting there you may burn the kitchen down, but that’s okay. Learn from that mistake and master a dish you love. I remember the first time I tried baking. My first batch of brownies were burnt underneath because I hadn’t put a baking sheet and were rock hard. But I learned. After 5-6 tries of brownies, I’ve mastered the perfect brownie recipe. So, take up a passion for cooking or baking, it’ll help you make something worth feeding someone you love.

15. Learn to say sorry

The most difficult word, Sorry. Sometimes when we fight, it takes a while for the sorry to come out. It happens with everyone but sometimes to grow in a relationship, you ought to kick ego in the butt and say sorry. It makes you a better person.

16. Exercise

Go to the beach and do some yoga, or take a run around the park, but do it. It’s going to keep you healthy and reduce your stress.

17. Try JUMPING!

Go wild and do something completely crazy. Jump of the cliff or swim with the sharks, if it scares you, do it. You’ll appreciate life a lot better after it.

18. Take a solo trip

Being in your twenties, allows you to be responsible enough to take a solo trip to anywhere you like. Try out the food and the wine. Sit under the stars and breathe the air of another place and fall in love with the walls of the city. It is worth every moment.

19. Look after your body

Your body is precious. Don’t go overboard with anything that might harm you. Love and embrace it. Don’t listen to what others have to say about you. Learn to love yourself and be confident in your own skin.


Learn to drive. It’s a liberating experience to sit and take yourself wherever you want without being dependent.

21. Get a pet

You need to. Be it a bird or hamster, or dog or even a fish. Invest and buy them. They’ll be your midnight friend, the ones to protect you and just looking at them can make your bad days go out the window.

22. Take a best friend getaway

Invest time with your best friends. Go for trips together and make memories. A lot of them. Explore exotic places and buy things even if you think they’re junk.

23. Move to a new city

Learn to be independent and move out to a new city. Terrifying as it may sound, it’s not that bad after all.

24. Get to know your family history

Growing up in nuclear families may make it difficult to know everyone within your clan. So, get creative. Draw up a family tree, see where all you’re linked to and be as proud as you can be.

25. Learn to gamble

Gamble for fun. I tried it once and failed miserably, but it was fun. I laughed a lot, blew my luck on 8’s, 14’s and blackjack, but I made a memory there and so should you.

26. Move your body the way you like

Apart from exercising, use your body creatively. Enroll for salsa or tango and move and you’ll be surprised on how the tunes of instruments can make your hips sway beautifully.

27. Spend time with family

Family is important. Learn to appreciate their flaws and learn to love them. Talk and travel and do fun things together. Agree to disagree at times and that’s all that matters.

28. Educate yourself

Broaden your view of the world through learning about skills or techniques. Learn something new every day and make it count.

29. Get out of your comfort zone

Get out of the sofa or your favorite rolling chair. Wake up early and make yourself a cup of hot coffee and enjoy the sunrise. Jump around in puddles after a rain. Sit under the stars and talk to people. Do something different every day. Don’t be monotonous. Its no fun, so get off that chair.

30. Forget fad diets

You don’t need a flat tummy to wear a bikini. You don’t need toned legs to wear short skirts. Keep yourself healthy but don’t starve yourself. Eat everything you love and forget what people say. Do your own thing. Be your own twenties-something hero.

So, rock whatever you want because turning 30 is worth being extraordinary in all sense. 

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