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Our Big Indian Wedding Part 2

After all the family drama had thawed out, it was about getting to serious business. Everyone had a task in hand, from the elders to the youngest, everyone played a massive part in the wedding.

Our friends from the Church were also an integral part during this phase of our life. We had friends helping us with the printing of the cards, going over venues, family taking time out to meet and discuss the wedding – you name it, we did it all!

And since Joel and I were blessed to have our marriage be conducted in Dubai, our parents invited family members from around for the wedding.

And the mad search for the perfect location for the wedding was finally over: courtesy my dad. It was the ravishing Le Meridian Resort.

When we wed 2Since it was the summertime, we couldn’t really have an outdoors, so we decided for indoors. But my oh my, it was that gorgeous inside as well. The Royal Banquet Hall had raising curtains for the buffet section, Band corner, enchanting chandeliers that ran across the room and the most stylish yet delicate interiors. It was the perfect image for the perfect day. It literally left us in all tears.

And although the halls were booked, there was still a lot of groundwork that had to be done to the D-day.

We hired one of the best wedding planners to bring out a soft and simple tone of beauty. We didn’t want anything over the top, just something simple to have around.

The Flowers’ were being arranged by another wedding planner. These flowers were then arranged at church and later transported back to the resort for the evening event.

The Bridesmaids’ sarees were ordered from the Indian Souq in Bangalore. And since the When we wed 2theme was burgundy/plum and gold rose with bits of dusty rose, the soft contrast between the violet and light plum brought out the theme for the wedding complementing the Groomsmen who wore Black suits.  The flower girls lehengas were arranged by a friend who did a fabulous job in just a weeks’ time. The ring bearer wore a nice tux and he looked really adorable.

And despite getting closer to our goals, it still seemed a bit far away.

Two weeks’ prior, my grandparents had arrived, and it was amazing to see them again. They made sure I ate organic food, got my sleep and made sure everything was done well. Their prayers helped us the most.

A couple of days later, all of our relatives had arrived. The house was full. Everyone was working for and towards making the event more exquisite. Sessions were being arranged by Joels’ and my friends to make the event more pleasant.

And just like that 18.08.18 arrived.


The D-day was a panic starter with making sure everything was in place and ready to move. But it wasn’t that easy either. We faced quite a few mishaps on the way, but they could be somehow, ignored.

Cars were arranged to pick and drop the Bride and Groom to and fro church. And while everyone was panicking, I was just happy to be standing at the altar beside Joel.When we wed 2

We reached on time, and we had friends who helped guide people inside the church. And soon, it was our turn.

When we wed 2

The church was gorgeous and arranged with baby breaths’ and roses tied with tulle around the pews. The church railing was mounted with block flowers of baby pink, dusty rose, and white.


And as I walked the aisle with my dad, it was the best feeling in the world. This same man When we wed 2held my hand during kindergarten and refused to let go until he knew everything was okay with me. And on 18th that same man trusted Joel enough to offer my hand in marriage.



Now being a Marthomite Christian, we have a few traditions that play around. For starters, the gown/saree being worn at church need to be white and another saree is blessed and placed on the head of the Bride by the groom.When we wed 2

The significance lies in the taking of an oath, protecting the sacraments of the church and being good Samaritans to provide those sacraments to our future generations. There’s no vocalizing of the oath, but as soon as the Groom adorns the head with the blessed Saree, the couple is in gods’ sight for the Oath.

The gorgeous baby pink saree embroidered with hand-made zari designs was Joels’ mums’ choice. She saw the saree and fell in love and gifted it for the wedding.

Another tradition that our church follows is the crowning of the generations. During this, the priest blesses the heads of the couple with a chain to mark the unity of blessings for generations to come. The verses sung during the crowning is amazing and is a must listen to.

And as the service moved into a more melodious tune that was captivating, before I knew it, Joel and I were Married.

After we which we had the usual photoshoot with our families’ and proceeded to Le Meridian for the reception.

It wasn’t an immediate start, but it went with the flow. It was an amazing feeling to see a room full of our friends and family who kept time aside to celebrate this amazing day with us.

The environment was light and happy and everyone was beaming with joy/ happy tears.

We started off with the lighting of the unity candles by our mums’ and then handed to us. After which we had the raising of the toasts, cutting of the cake and oh! Obviously, speeches.

We danced our first dance to “When you say Nothing at All” by Ronan Keating. It was magnificent and the most divine feeling ever. All our fears of being the center stage to more than 300 people completely vanished and I remember having a conversation with Joel on being happy as well as hungry. The feeling of being there in Joel’s arms, dancing, were raw and yet the most innocent feeling ever. When we wed 2

We also had surprise performances from friends and families that danced to our favorite songs and got us to dance with them too.When we wed 2

The night was as amazing as the day and as much as I wished it didn’t end, I was finally glad it was over.

Not because “I was done” sort of emotion, but because I couldn’t wait to unbox the gifts!!

But nonetheless, 18.08.18 impacted our lives’ and I’m ever so grateful to have met a person like Joel.

If you have a wedding story to share, send it over. It’ll be great to read them!

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