Oct 102018
Does she like me or Does she not

Every passerby in the world has a story to tell. And most of what we see are subconscious signals that jump from time to time through each individual. It may be how you respond to a certain book in the metro station or how you react to your colleagues’ joke.  It can also relate to how you demonstrate assertiveness in a group. Each and very tiny gestures and interactions are recorded in creating a more socially driven world.

Verbal communication is where you articulate your thoughts keeping them concealed to yourself. And body language, on the other hand, are easy to pick on due to their accessibility.

So, what exactly comprises of Body Language?

Body language refers to the nonverbal signals that we use to communicate. Around 50% to 70% of all communication is hidden and decoded through body language. From our facial expressions to our body movements, the things we choose not the say are still conveyed to others.

Body language is also used as a fundamental tool when it comes to dating and facilitating the ideologies of attraction. These hidden indicators have a unique method of unfolding a series of silent yet significant messages to someone we’re attracted to.

The homo sapiens have evolved drastically since the time of caveman rule. According to many researchers,  the human body is able to detect if someone is physically attracted to them within seconds.

New research led by Professor R. Matthew Montoya illustrates that there are specific sets of behavior that are associated with liking someone. And these very behaviors can be found in several other cultures.

The purpose of body language is to simply understand the social surroundings around us and approach in a more amicable manner. This same understanding is no different when it comes to the law of attraction between two individuals. In fact, body language just becomes our own instruction manual that we use to understand nuances in each individual.

Apart from the basic body language signs that we pick on every day, signs of attractions are slightly different. These signs cater in a way that both individuals don’t feel crowded being together. These signs gradually develop and are exhibited based on the comfort levels of each individual.

I have combined the various body language and broken them down into three simple gestures that may be easier to understand, and they are as follows:

  • Facial expressions

Both sexes tend to smile a lot in order to gain attention from the one they like. The constant eye contacts and flirtatious expressions of rolling the eyes and glaring at each other are picked on. Since the eyes are the windows to the soul, a lot is picked through the smile and the dilation of the pupils.

  • Body signals

Both sexes focus mainly on the body movements. While men signal their interest through their physical appearance of running their hands through their clean-shaven beard or hair and standing tall, women tend to play with their neck, hands, and wrists.

The subconscious focus on these parts signifies the levels of readiness and attraction one may have over the other. These body movements are actions that we have picked since the beginning where men tend to manifest their masculinity and women their femininity.

  • Hidden communication factors

Apart from the facial and body signals, both sexes tend to use conversations to help develop a sense of attraction. Both sexes engage in conversations that may start off as a random topic and later wind up to be about them. Most of the hidden signals are picked during these times. A walk on the beach or having coffee together may help understand whether someone is really attracted to them.

However, during a conversation, signals such as making eye contact or initiating conversations are quite elusive conclusions to make for attraction. Nevertheless, the proximity that we tend to maintain or the constant laughing at someone’s joke, whether they are good or not, could be a clear explanation to an attraction.

These signs are not only to understand the attraction but also build in high levels of trust and rapport with each other. Once the mind has developed the levels of trust towards someone they are attracted to and has been reciprocated by, they choose to attract the person through a more intense perspective. Now, this perspective is very subjective in nature.

Leaning in and engaging completely in a conversation while being surrounded by a group, demonstrates the interest and sensitivity towards that one person you may be attracted to.

However, many times, while dealing in the nonverbal side of communication, prospective couples tend to send out conflicting signals. The reason being, pride.

These conflicting signals are only to protect themselves from any sort of rejection and although unnecessary, is effective for the human ego.

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