Aug 292018
Flaunting your summer skin

Its that time of the year again for backyard barbeques and pool parties with your loved ones. The soft warmth of the sun calls out to you to attain that perfect glow making your skin look flawless and vibrant at all times.

But as the warm weather approaches, keeping our skin protected and feeling great should be carefully demonstrated.

So, we’ve combined a list of must-dos that need to be followed in order to have nourished looking skin all summer.

  • Shield your skin

While summers can be a splendid time, make sure that your skin gets all the protection it needs from the sun. Use sunscreen at all times and make sure to coat yourself every two hours. Avoid going out from 10 am to 3 pm as the sun exposures are quite strong during that time. Use a scarf or umbrella to avoid direct sunlight to your face as well as unnecessary tanning.

  • Going rough isn’t good for your skin

Exfoliating the skin is an essential part of skin care regime but rubbing it too hard to remove tan may irritate the skin and damage the layers within. Choose a gentler exfoliator during the summers as the skin tends to get sensitive due to excess heat.

  • Don’t skimp on sleep

Although summer is the time for night outs and the perfect LBD, lack of sleep can affect the stress hormones leading to a slow increase in collagen in the skin. Slow production of collagen can make your skin looking tired and dull.

  • Moisturize your skin

Unlike winters, where your skin feels flaky and you’re forced to apply moisturizers, summer, on the other hand, may not make your skin feel dry and flaky. But using moisturizers, especially with SPF, promotes healthy skin. So, moisturize away!

  • Hydrate

Drinking water is important for both, skin and hair, in fact, it helps flush out the toxins out of the body leaving the skin looking rejuvenated and energized. Its also helps promote the right skin texture and perfect tresses.

  • Icing the heat

Ice rollers are a wonderful treat during summers. Ice rollers are affordable and are the perfect tool to use after breaking a sweat. They reduce redness and prevents the skin from developing acne.

  • Avoid caffeine or sugary drinks

While it is important to hydrate ourselves, caffeine isn’t our best friend. Caffeinated products dehydrate the body making it look dull. So, exchange your morning coffee with a glass of freshly squeezed juice to build metabolism as well as develop a fresh looking skin.

  • Avoid synthetic clothes

Unlike cotton, synthetic clothes trap heat, making our body to profusely sweat increasing our chances of getting rashes on the skin. So, keep away synthetics and use flowy cotton clothes to let your skin breathe.

  • Avoid oily food

French fries are the perfect deal breaker during summers, but however amazing they may taste, oily food is to be reduced as they can trigger acne breakouts further leading to stubborn pigmentation.

  • Pay attention to your lips

Apart from taking good care of our skins, lips are also very important. Use an SPF formulated lip balm to protect your lips from drying out and peeling.

  • Load up on Vitamin C and E

Summer dries out our skin and hair, and just applying the skin care regime won’t help. Setting out a planned healthy diet of luscious fruits and vegetable (maybe with a dash of protein) does the trick. Berries and melons are a few that are rich in antioxidants that deliver unique hydration to the skin leaving it with a radiating glow.

  • Keep the bugs away

Although summer may seem like a pleasant time, it can get nastier with flying pests all around you. Pore-clogging anti-bug sprays and creams make the skin oily developing oily skin or even worse, acne. So, make a shift to essential oils. Lavender, peppermint, tea tree, lemon or eucalyptus not only leave your skin looking protected, incredible and safe from the bugs, but it’ll also leave you smelling great.

We hope these simple tricks will help you attain your perfect glow. But if you do anything differently, let us know in the comments below, we’d love to know!

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