Oct 152018
The Art of Decluttering

The beauty of decluttering your home lies in the idea that the more you do it, the more you’re surrounded by things you love. But when your house starts to get messy and feels like a battleground, it leaves you feeling as though you’re in one too.

Everyone goes through the thought process of wanting to declutter, but with a few easy tips and a bit of action, we’ll help you make it happen.

In order to keep your place tidy and clean, don’t hold onto things you don’t need. This will make your life a lot easier. Minimalizing junk around the place also helps in de-cluttering the mess. It’s really simple and once it’s done, you’ll feel so much better!

So in that spirit, try these ideas and let me know which one worked the best for you.

1. Learn to let go

Decluttering can be an emotional task and throwing away things that have memories attached to them, is never easy. Sometimes, we fail our battles at this level since we consider ourselves weak to move any further.

But analyze and see if you have space for the object. Try to reason out if it is of any use as well. Old rags and disposable electronic items can be given away or donated.

2. Select a room

Another step to a clutter-free house is to make up your mind to where you’ll start. Choose a room. Sort out the things that you require and what you don’t.

Make a list and sort them into boxes to what needs to be done to items that are to be thrown. You can donate things you have no use for. Old clothes, toys, and other materials can be recycled helping you to de-clutter completely.

3. Go at a pace

Decluttering according to your own will makes it even more fun and exciting. Make a day out of it, if you may. Play some music and go accordingly to how much you can do. This helps ensure that you’re in a sane mind as well as helps keep a stable routine.

4. Organization system

I find this not only challenging but as exciting as ever. Every time I try to declutter, I use routines that work best for me.

Keeping a system in place helps ensure that you’re organizing skills don’t only stick to throwing away, but packing them into boxes, neatly, and storing them well. This also influences your spouses’ or kids habit in keeping things clean.

5. Magnetize things

I own a ton of earrings and since they were arranged in a glass box, it would get difficult to sort out especially when I’d be in a hurry. So, I learnt to magnetize them.

Connect a magnetic strip behind your bathroom mirror or at your dressing table for not only earrings but also bobby pins helping you keep them stacked in order. These ensure that they’re organized as well as easy to find.

6. Have Junk bowls at every station

Junk bowls always come in handy but having them at every station make you a DIY, decluttering guru. Junk bowls help tiny odd objects that don’t fit anywhere else, be organized. Be it a pushback for earrings to post it notes, keeping them organized in a bowl helps you go a long way. And when the time comes, you needn’t hunt for them.

7. Optimize storage

Building your home around the idea of optimizing storage may lead you to clutter. But this ensures you more space around the house as well. Box beds help store things under them avoid things sitting around the room. You could also build a box chair for the dressing room to ensure magazines are stacked are ordered in one place.

There are so many ways to optimizing your house to make it clutter-free and giving you more space on the floor.

8. Being true to ourselves

My mum would always tell me to put my things away, as a child. But sometimes when we tend to adult our ways into our own homes, we don’t always follow this rule.

We let things lying around, making the space messier and more difficult to clean. So, put in that extra minute to clear things up and put them up after finishing with them. This will help keep your habit in check as well keep your room clean.

9. Stack them together

Laundry can get disorganized in your closet, especially when you’re trying to find matching sheets and cases for your bed. And it can get very chaotic. The same goes for finding two odd pairs of socks. The simple hack would be to fold it into each other and then stacking them back uniformly. This way you won’t lose a sock.

10. Get in the right mindset

Last but definitely not the least of the hacks. Declutter your mind before you go into war with chaos. Having a confused mind can also lead you to lose your way of thinking, leaving you frustrated.

Try to relax and then start decluttering. Keep Post-It notes and write down brilliant ideas you come up with to clean up your place. This will help you get organized easily.

Now since you have these easy hacks, try them out but don’t panic if something doesn’t go right. Wait upon it and try again. Do things differently and add your essence to your home space. This will ensure that you not only have a clutter-free home but a home that you decluttered differently.

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Reader Comments

  1. This is so waiting for me this weekend. My brother moved me from my old room and all of my stuff are just scatter around the house so I am kind of obliged to get it all sorted and hopefuly get rid of some stuff. Thank you for all the tips on how to start that.

  2. This!! I have three kids and I’m constantly shocked at how much stuff is every where. IKEA kallaxas are my life saver.

    I also do 10 a day. Where I bin 10
    Things a day. Sometimes it’s junk mail that’s on the side, some times it is clothes, some times toys. Mostly just junk that’s worked it’s way in. Makes me feel like I’m actually doing something though.

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