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Travel Destinations for the Wandering Soul

The entire idea of traveling and visiting some exotic locations has been my fascination for a very long time. I remember I would read about Savi and Vid on Bruised Passports and mentally jot down places stated and add them into my mental bucket list.

Things changed after meeting and marrying Joel, who loves traveling as much as me. We would spend hours rambling about the places that we’d love to visit or try out. From swimming with the white whales to snorkeling at the great barrier reef to visiting bustling cities of Mumbai and trying out street food, we’ve discussed it all. And after much time spent on conversations as these, we’ve come up with a list of Ten Travel Destinations that are perfect for wandering souls like us.

1. Amsterdam

This bustling city has a touch of quirky vintage delights. This city is so rich in history as you stroll through its brick streets tied to the relaxed and easy-going attitude towards life.

2. New Zealand

This destination is my all-time favorite. This small yet beautiful country has a lot to offer for all kinds of travelers, from history-filled streets and castles of ‘once upon a time’ to serene cliffs and oceans. With its many high-low mountains and peaks, it also makes it enthralling for trekkers to explore this gorgeous place.

3. Santorini

There’s something magical about Santorini. Famous for its whitewashed buildings with blue domes perched on top of each other overlooking the ocean to its tiny yet romantic cobbled streets, this place is a highly recommended destination to visit. The island is a half-submerged caldera yet is one the most visited islands in Greece. Its facilities and food make it ideal for a foodie to enjoy fresh seafood right from the bay.

4. Norway

If there was one word to describe Norway it would be enchanting. With its ice hotels and caves to the gorgeous northern lights, this place has been both Achsha’s and my favorite destination to visit. The tiny housed streets make it an enamoring experience to walk through the city.

5. Seychelles

This tiny dot of an island has a lot to offer its visitors. Its gorgeous beaches and turquoise waters surrounded by densely clad mountains makes it an ultimate dream for every traveler.

6. Chefchaonen

Known as the blue pearl of Morocco, this city is TOTALLY BLUE! The tiny alleys running alongside the houses makes this place photogenic for travelers. The rich and diverse history of this tiny city paints the heart of every traveler making it a “worth it” trip.

7. The Maldives – (Planned for 2019)

A perfectly bespoke destination and another all-time favorite of Achsha and mine. With its stunning white sand beaches to its even more stunning underwater life, this place has been our MUST VISIT since we’ve been with each other. The perfect weather all year round makes it even better.

8. Bagan

Also considered to be one the world’s greatest archeological sites, this place has been considered untouched when compared to Machu Picchu or Angor Wat.  Filled with densely green paths and lazy-flowing river with a smoky background of silver mountains, it is a picturesque landscape and a definite tick box for us.

9. New York

A completely different fish out of the sea, this place has it ALL! From the ‘over-the-top’ fashion statements to the crowded streets to the street vendors with those amazing hotdogs and high raised building, this place is a MUST GO. The glittery life of New York awakens the city mouse in you and allows you to soak in the beauty of this bustling town.

10. Venice

A small yet a gorgeous floating masterpiece, this place is one the most romantic places to visit. With its historic canals and gondolas flowing lazily past the tiny cobbled streets, this city is a great place to get lost in.

So, these are our bucket list places. What are yours?

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