Oct 222018
Why I love Modern Family(TV Show)

Modern Family is an American mockumentary sitcom created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan. It was initially aired on September 23, 2009, and revolves around the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan.

It is the most brutally honest show that takes on every bit of lives’ complexity. It embraces cultures, differences and eliminates stereotypes and depicts what families are made of that.

It’s a show that makes you want to laugh and have a few hours of fun family time and is developed around the lines that families are crazy. However, this on-screen family not only served us just the crazy but also pieces of morality.

It’s both clean and original on so many levels.

But what is it that makes them unique from other family sitcoms?

Growing up in a multicultural family, it was a lot easier to connect to this TV series. And like the Modern family clan, my family is also big, loud and loving. But that wasn’t the entire reason to why I love Modern Family. There was hidden truth in these shows. Be it from throwing jabs at each other or having an honest breakthrough moment, it had it all.

The fact that it struck a chord with a huge population of viewers was the relatable factor that panned across the seasons. An older man marrying a much younger Hispanic woman who has a son, a normal upper-middle-class family, and a gay couple who adopts a girl from abroad, brings forward the versatility of the show. The diversity is unique and offers different forms of comedy that strike all odds yet blends so very well.

Every character in the sitcom leads a normal life. The kids go to school, adults either worked in offices or at homes. They experienced irrational amount of fear, would get upset or humiliated and had their ups and downs. They weren’t portrayed as super humans, they were just like us.

Every once in a while, each episode is characterized by a series of conflicts relating to each one’s aspect in life giving us a glimpse of their raw and relatable mental state.  Sometimes it all happens parallelly, showcasing a very natural scenario that would occur at every home.

Each and every episode is peppered with disagreements, squabbles, and worries. And yet by the end, everything is resolved. And although all issues waft away in twenty-two minutes and can seem unrealistic, it can also be incredibly comforting to know that family problems can be solved easily through compromise, forgiveness, acceptance and love.

It was the beauty in knowing that regardless of the circumstances, everything would    be okay.

One episode that stuck for me was Punkin Chunkin (Season 3 Episode 9). Infact it started off a bit slow for my liking. But the entire episode led to a firestorm of confessions leading to the Dreamers vs Realists. And as one might expect, it concluded with the two sides coming and working together.

The reason it stuck so well to me, because my husband is a realist and I, on the other hand, are a dreamer. And despite how individualistic we both may be, we need each other to keep ourselves from either flying too close to the sun or helping the other to get off the ground.

So, which character do you relate to? Let us know in the comments below!

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